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The Aero Lid 2 for transfer trailers and open top trailers up to 53' long. Installed on an aluminum trailer.

System Pricing:

The Lid 2, Hydraulic, Driver Side = $4,895.00

The Lid 2, Hydraulic, Passenger Side = $4,895.00

The Lid 2, Self-Contained, Driver Side  = $5,086.00

The Lid 2, Self-Contained, Passenger Side = $5,086.00

Double Flip by Donovan - Shur Co.

Sidewinder 350, by Donovan-Shur Co

LoAlbo Enterprises offers the best transfer trailer tarping systems from the leading manufacturers.  The Aero Lid, Donovan Sidewinder or Double Flip and the Mountain Tarp Side Flip systems offer superior containment for trailers up to 55 feet long.   Contain loads with the flip of a switch in just 20 seconds.  Constructed of steel or aluminum with electric or hydraulic operation.  

Aluminum I-beam construction provides unsurpassed strength without unnecessary weight while twin cable design eliminates support ladders and bars. The Sidewinder™ 350 fits all front wall styles and rests flush against trailers, flexing during loading and unloading to accommodate stresses. The unique light-weight two-arm design (one forward and one rear) lets the tarp conform to heaped loads and still seal on all sides, avoiding loaders and areas where loads are typically highest.  Head assembly comes preassembled – no welding is needed! 

System Pricing:

Sidwinder, Self-Contained, Driver Side = $4,895.00

Sidewider, Self-Contained, Passenger Side = $4,895.00

Sidewinder, PTO Hydraulic, Driver Side = $5,095.00

Sidewinder, PTO Hydraulic, Passenger Side = $5,095.00

Optional Items:

Orange Poly Mesh Tarp = $288.00

High Density Black Grid Tarp = $321.00

Donovan Sidewinder 350 automatic tarping system for transfer trailers and open top trailers up to 53' long.
Donovan Double Flip automatic tarping system for waste covering applications on transfer trailers and open top boxes up to 53' long.
Donovan Sidewider II automatic tarping system for open top and transfer trailers up to 55' long.

The Lid 2, by Aero Industries

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Product Description:

The Donovan Double-Flip opens and closes from the ground level in under 10 seconds.  It's simple to operate, easy to maintain and very affordable.  Designed to cover open-top transfer trailers up to 102" wide X 53' Long, with a hydraulic powered actuator that operates off the trailer's hydraulics or the easy to install self-contained electric over hydraulic pump.

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Transfer Trailer Tarping Systems

Product Description:

At only 350 lbs, the Sidewinder 350, Transfer Trailer Tarp System meets weight requirements without sacrificing durability!  The Sidewinder 350's modular and interchangeable components fit either side of the trailer and do an excellent job of sealing the load.  The system is fully automatic, covering and uncovering the load in under 20 seconds, while the operator stays safely on the ground.

With thousands of units sold, The Sidewinder has been thoroughly field-tested based on extensive customer feedback. It’s an extremely affordable system, paying for itself in a few months and noted for low maintenance costs. It fits all front wall styles and the lid rests flush against the trailer – ideal for operating in narrow transfer stations. The Sidewinder transfer trailer tarp system is engineered to flex during loading and unloading, without troublesome continuous drive shafts. The 3-arm design allows the tarp to properly conform to peaked areas in the load.  The Sidewinder’s head assembly comes preassembled. Heavy-duty steel hinges are built to last, and the marine-grade toggle stands up to heavy usage. Components bolt together, no welding is needed.

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System Pricing:

Donovan, Double Flip = $7,099.00

Optional Items:

Black Mesh Tarp = $189.00

Black Vinyl Tarp = $236.00

NOTE: 2 tarps needed/system

The Aero Lid II is offers the following features:

  • Open weave waste mesh tarp (included!)
  • Easy to install and repair
  • Front assembly can be mounted on driver or passenger side, in the horizontal or vertical position
  • Durable hydraulic cylinder has minimal mechanical components, with Glide Block/track for smooth, reliable operation
  • Mount-Side Top Rail: Composite panel strip seals area between torque tube and top rail Opposite-Side Top Rail: Hinged-cable guides bring tarp down over the side rail Rear: Adjustable brush provides seal against the tailgate
  • Choose a model that uses the trailer’s hydraulics, or a model that has a self-contained electric hydraulic pump

System Pricing:
Sidwinder 350, Self-Contained, Driver Side =
Sidewider 350, Self-Contained, Passenger Side =
Optional Items:
Orange Poly Mesh Tarp =

Product Description:

The Donovan Sidewinder can be mounted on either side of the trailer, driverside or passenger side. The system operates with a self-contained electric over hydraulic pump or connect to the trailers PTO for hydraulic operation.  Fully automatic, the Sidewinder covers or uncovers loads in under 20 seconds.

The Lids rest flush on trailer sides when opened, allowing loading in narrow spaces. Lids overlap when closed to properly seal the load and eliminate blowout. A 2-spool control valve allows independent operation of each lid. The Double Flip’s 3-arm design provides the proper combination of strength and flexibility to cover and contain uneven loads.
The Double-Flip's preassembled head assembly mounts to any style front trailer wall. Its heavy-duty linkage and self-lubricating hinges ensure durability and reduces air flow under the tarp and protects the head assembly from debris and the operator from moving parts. The kit includes valves, hoses, tarp, frame and other components; some additional hardware may be needed. Approximate shipping weight: 1,200 lbs.

Product Description:

The industry’s strongest refuse side flip tarp system is now lighter, faster and stronger than ever. After analyzing the strength’s of the original design, we’ve developed a product that utilizes the benefits while eliminating the weaknesses. The second-generation product provides a more durable design along with an easier to maintain structure, which minimizes repair costs.

Sidewinder, by Donovan-Shur Co