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Product Description:

Aero's ratchet side roll system for walking floor or transfer trailers offers an economical and durable solution to your load covering applications. 


  • Easy off tarp stops
  • Front or rear hand crank options
  • Mesh or solid tarp
  • Front and rear flaps 
  • Easy installation
  • Cover and uncover loads quickly and easily.

Mountain Tarp, Ratchet Side Roll System

Aero Ratchet Side Roll for transfer trailers and walking floor trailers.

Also available from Mountain Tarp, Lock-N-Roll Side Roll Systems for Refuse, Transfer, Walking Floor and Open Top Trailers.

Product Description:

Mountain Tarp offers transfer trailer side roll tarp systems for transfer trailers, walking floor trailers or any open top container.  The systems are easy to install and econmically priced. The easy to use ratchet tie down straps make for excellent load containment. Available in Gator Mesh, Gator Mesh/Vinly combonation or a full 22oz vinyl tarp.  Optional front and rear tail flaps or front and rear metal caps can be added to the system.


  • Two 12,000 lb. rated, ratchet straps standard for both nose and tail
  • Tarp is triple-reinforced at all stress points
  • Custom-designed for round or square nose trailers
  • EZ off tarp stops
  • Available with front crank operation

Transfer Trailer Side Roll Tarp Systems

Ratchet Side Roll Tarp System installed on a transfer trailer.

Manual Side Roll Tarping Systems for Transfer Trailers up to 55 feet long from Aero, Mountain Tarp and Shur-Co.  These system are easy to install, easy to reapair and a low cost solution to your waste and reuse containment requirements.  Call Dan LoAlbo directly at 757-615-4379 for more information on our manual side roll tarp systems for transfer or walking floor trailers.

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Aero, Refuse Side Roll System

Ratchet Side Roll by Aero Industries installed on a walking floor trailer.
Mountain Tarp, transfer trailer side roll system on a walking floor trailer.


If you don't see what you are looking for call Dan LoAlbo at 757-615-4379 for information on Transfer Trailer Side Roll Tarp Systems.

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System Pricing:

Gator Mesh Base Price 40' System = $1,180.00

Add: $11.50/linear foot up to 55'

Gator + Vinyl, Base Price 40' System = $1,380.00

Add: $12.25/linear foot up to 55'

22oz Vinyl, Base Price 40' System = $1,435.00

Add: $16.00/linear foot up to 55'

Optional Items:

  • Front/Rear Tail Flap, included
  • Front/Rear Metal Caps, call for pricing.

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System Pricing:

45' Mesh System = $979.00

45' Vinyl System = $1,096.00

48' Mesh System = $997.00

48' Vinyl System = $1,132.00

53' Mesh System = $1,081.00

53' Vinyl System = $1,170.00