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Product Description:

Side Roll systems cover trailers up to 53 feet in length in a side-to-side system. Used primarily for agriculture, construction, and waste hauling, these systems are available in manual or electric, and feature waterproof fabric, mesh or vinyl tarps. Mountain Tarp Side Roll Systems are ideal for accommodating long hauls of heaped loads. Lightweight Side Roll systems are available. Systems can be installed in as little as 6 hours. Steel adjustable bows come standard with an option of aluminum or fiber glass bows. Ideal for waste and agriculture hauling markets.

Lock-N-Roll and Ratchet Side Roll by Mountain Tarp

Shur-Lock and PBR Side Roll Systems by Shur-Co

System Pricing:

Ratchet Side Roll:

  • Base Price, 15' System = $799.00
    • Add: $29.50/linear foot up to 43'


  • Base Price, 15' System = $1,188.00
    • Add: $24.50/linear foot up to 42'

NOTE: Too many system sizes and options to list on this page, call Dan LoAlbo for exact system pricing foryour trailer

Ratchet side roll tarp system installed on a transfer trailer.

Lock-n-Roll Side Roll Tarps come with a standard 22 oz. vinyl tarpaulin material to provide a water-tight cover. 18 oz. option available. Come in a variety of sizes, both manual and electric. Stress points are double-reinforced for durability, and have the strongest latch plates in the industry. 

Side Roll Systems also available from: Aero and Merlot

Ratchet Side Roll Tarps are waterproof and designed to accommodate heaped bulk loads above bows. They are also referred to as Side Rolls. The entire tarp manually rolls out of load area and can be installed with a master bow and fabric cap to eliminate tarp strapping at bulkhead.

Shur-Co's, Shur-Lok side roll tarp system for grain trailers.

LoAlbo Enterprises offers Side Roll Tarp Systems for every dump trailer up to 55' long.  Ratchet Side Rolls or Locking style such as the Shur-Lok, Lock-N-Roll or Mer-lok.  Side Roll Tarp System are right at home on dump trailers, grain trailers, belly dumps, transfer trailers or any open top trailer application.  A variety of tarp materials are available including Mesh and Vinyl, easily the two most popular options.  If you have any questions regarding a side roll system, please give Dan LoAlbo a call at 757-615-4379 for immediate assitance.

Side Roll Tarp Systems

Product Description: 

The Super Duty Shur-Lok and PBR (Premium Belt-n-Rachet) systems, by Shur-Co lets you roll the tarp standing safely on the ground from the rear of the trailer. The standard easy-off tarp stops enable fast, easy tarp removal. An upgrade from our standard stretch cord return to our cable return features a non-stretch cable with a heavy-duty internal tension spring-and-pulley system.  Shur-Co now offers a wider variety of tarp fabric choices. This years, we are pleased to introduce DiamondCore™, a premium fabric that provides added substance, increased endurance and unparalleled abrasion resistance. Unlike diamonds, no tarp lasts forever, but upgrading to DiamondCore™ offers you rock-solid quality backed by a 24-month warranty- the best in the industry. It is currently only available in black.
System Features:

  • Aluminum Latchplate
  • Easy-Off Tarp Stops
  • Galvanized Bows and Brackets 
  • Aluminum End Caps 
  • 1” or 2” Ridge Strap w/Ratchet 
  • Stretch Cord Return
  • Standard Crank Arm w/80” Extension
  • Pinless Crank Retainer w/7” Standoff
  • 18-Oz. Vinyl Tarp. 

If you didn't find what you are looking for, call Dan LoAlbo directly for more side roll systems and options.  757-615-4379

Mountain Tarp Side Roll System on a grain trailer.

System Pricing:


  • Base Price, 25' System = $1,079.00
    • Add: $15.50/linear foot up to 54' long


  • Base Price, 25' System = $1,139.00
    • Add: $23.00/linear foot up to 54' long

Pricing note:  Too many system sizes and options to list on this page.  Call Dan LoAlbo directly for exact system pricing for your trailer.

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