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Product Description:

The Side Kick 2, electric side dump roll tarp system is a second generation product combining the simple design of the original SideKick® system with innovative components that provide strength, less pressure and more torque during operation.

• Lightweight design

• Strongest roll tube on the market

• Designed for easier installation

• Increased torque during operation

Side Kick 2, by Aero Industries

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IronSide by Shur-Co

Shur-Co, IronSide, side dump tarp system.

System Pricing:

Side Kick 2 = $2,449.00

  • Tarp Included
Aero Side Dump Tarp system.

System Pricing:

IronSide = $2,595.00

  • Includes Mesh Tarp w/Vinyl Reinforcements

Product Description:

The IronSide™ electric roll tarp from Shur-Co® has been specifically designed and built to survive the harsh hauling conditions of side dump applications. The IronSide™ is aptly named, with all structural components manufactured from steel for maximum strength and superior performance. 
The Ironside™ allows the trailer to be loaded or unloaded from either side, with the tarp stored in a protected position underneath the side rail of the trailer. 
Key Features: Durable Steel Tubing, Gear-Reduced Chain Drive, Extruded Aluminum Roll Tube, Robust Hinges for Increased Support, Adjustable HD Torsion Springs, Durable Mesh Fabric Cover. 

LoAlbo Enterprises proudly offers side dump tarp systems and load covers from the leading manufacturers including;  Side Kick 2 by Aero Industries, Iron Side by Shur-Co and Smooth Roll by Mountain Tarp.  Our electric Side Dump Tarp Systems are designed to meet the unique rigors and harsh conditions of a side dump trailer application.  Heavy duty components with a simple design ensure years of reliable performance on any SmithCo, Jet, RANCO, HMI, R-Way, Manac, Clement, Dem-Co, Precision Equipment or any side dump trailer.  View all of our Side Dump Tarp Systems below.  Call Dan LoAlbo with questions or inquiries at 757-615-4379.

Aero, Side Kick 2, Side Dump Tarp System for all side dump trailers.

Side Dump Tarp Systems

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