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How to video library for truck tarp system installation tips.  Swing arm installation, roller bar installation and tarp replacement tips.  Can't find what you need? Call Dan LoAlbo at 757-615-4379

How to Replace a Donovan HY-Tower Tarp:

Yes, I know the video is too long!  But it is detailed and gives some great tips that only experience can offer.  Have some questions or just need some additional information?  Give me a call at 747-615-4379.

How To Video Library for Tarp Installation Tips

Side dump tarp system deploying over a side dump trailer.

How to Locate the Swing Arm Pivot Point: Video #2,

Quick video on the basics in order to find the swing arm pivot points.  Very sorry about the sound quality...just turn the volume all the way up prior to viewing. Call with questions.  757-615-4379

Roller Bar Installation, Flip Tarp System:

Basic overview for installing the roller bar assembly for a swing arm flip tarp system. Questions, give me a call at 757-615-4379

How to Locate the Swing Arm Pivot Point:  Video #1,

Basic steps to locating the pivot point and installing the swing arms on an Aero Tarp System...or any manual or electrcic flip tarp system.