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Call Dan LoAlbo at 757-615-4379 for pricing.

LoAlbo Enterprises offers the Merlot VanGo, Rolling Tarp System for flatbed trailers.  Call Dan LoAlbo for more information on the VanGo.

Merlot - Vango, Rolling Tarp System for Flatbed Trailers

Rolling tarp system for flatbed trailers, the Merlot-Van Go.

Flatbed Rolling Tarp Systems

The Merlot-Van Go panelized rolling tarp system for flatbed trailers.

Product Description:

The Merlot/Vango Rolling tarp system utililzes Merlot's exclusive panelized tarp panels that reduce downtime in the event of system damage.  With the increased popularity of rolling tarp systems for flat bed trailers, the Vango from Merlot/Vango is fast becoming the #1 rolling tarp system on the market today. Durable and easy to operate, the Vango is the way to go!
System Features:

  • Quick opening, Quick closing!!
    • The Vango system is extruded from 6061 aluminum. Even the carriages are aluminum. The entire system weighs less than 2000 pounds on a 48' trailer.

    • The front locking device is conveniently located on the front of the bulkhead. The operator can lock the system without climbing on the trailer.
    • The rear tension devices are simple, fast and safe. The operator uses a winch bar to tension the Vango system from the ground. The Vango can be opened and closed without climbing on the deck of the trailer. Another option is a rear post and ratchet tensioning system inside the trailer.
    • The Vango roll up tail can be "set" on top of the roof. The tail is completely out of the way for rear loading.
    • The Vango system comes in standard heights of 7'3" and 8'1". However, Merlot/Vango can customize your Vango to any height.
    • The Vango system is easily moved to any position on the trailer and compacts into an 8' space on a 48' trailer.
    • This is an important safety component of the Vango System. DOT approved, CFR Title 49 DOT 393.106 Total load tested 61,560lbs.

Merlot Van Go rolling tarp system installed on a flatbed trailer.
The Merlot-Van Go rolling tarp system for flatbed trailers.

Please call Dan LoAlbo at 757-615-4379 for information and Pricing on Rolling Tarp Systems for Flat Bed Trailers.

Including: Conestoga by Aero and Shur-Tite by Shur-Co

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