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Mountain Tarp, Lockdown Electric Side Roll Tarp System

The Lockdown Electric tarp system has a patent-pending arm designed to cover the largest heaped loads. Also has a patent-pending motor engage/disengage lever for quick motor changeover or manual roll crank. Strongest HD arms in the industry, with a lifetime warranty on the arms. Rear flex arm design allows for use with end-dump and mid-dump trailers. Comes with a waterproof wireless remote.

No electrical energy is used to actuate the brake, so there is no electrical connections to misfire. A patented pivoting motor mount allow for any misalignment of the roll tube without stress to the motor or arms. The heavy-duty arms are the strongest in the industry, backed with a lifetime warranty. They come preassembled with a super-sturdy mounting bracket (no backer plate needed in most installs). The roller bearing- yle rear arm bracket has a low-friction design that won’t wear out. Both arms are inset to prevent obstruction of clearance lights. 

Shur-Co Model 4500 Electric Side Roll System installed on a grain trailer.

The 4500 Series HD features a powerful American- made motor with all-metal gearbox and incredibly reliable magnetic brake. Heavy-duty extruded aluminum torsion arms are equipped with patented spiral-reinforced elbows for flexibility to move smoothly over loads.

Shur-Co 4500 electric side roll tarp system on a grain trailer.

LoAlbo Enterprises offers the Shur-Co 4500 and Mountain Tarp Lockdown Electric Side Roll Systems for any trailer tarping application.  Systems can be retrofitted as after market installation or installed as a completely new system.  Call Dan LoAlbo for informtion on our line of Electric Side Roll Systems.  

 Power LockElectric Side Roll Systems also available from Aero Industries.

Call Dan LoAlbo for pricing and additional information at 757-615-4379

Electric Side Roll Tarp Systems

Shur-Co 4500 Series Electric Side Roll System

System Pricing: Call for pricing.

System Pricing:  Call for pricing.

Mountain Tarp, Lockdown electric side roll tarp system.

Available for all trailer makes and models! The 4500 Series HD’s motor produces optimal rather than increased torque (which can harm your tarp system).