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Aero part numbers change frequently.  Prices are based on part numbers listed.  However, prices may change without notice due to changes in part numbers or manufacturer pricing.

LoAlbo Enterprises offers replacement tarp parts for every Aero tarp system we sell.  Tarp motors, swing arm assemblies, tarp springs, electrical components and hardware for the Easy Cover flip tarp systems, the Lid waste covering system, Crank-N-Go cable tarp, Side Kick 2 side dump tarp system and the Easy Pull cover.  Below is a list of the most popular and common parts for the Aero line of tarp products.  If you do not find the part or part number you are seeking, call Dan LoAlbo directly at 757-615-4379 for support.

Aero Economy Easy Cover, Model 20, 25, 40, 45, 50, 55​

Part NumberDescription


0311-962801Hand Crank Handle


0311-962803Ground Level Hand Crank Control box$199.00
0311-962808Brake Belt$10.00
0311-619550Double Torsion Spring$19.00
0311-963301Lower Arm, Aluminum$64.00
0311-963163Upper Arm, w/Bend, Set of Two, Aluminum$72.00
1350-145458Cross Tube, Aluminum$26.00
0710-602174Bearing (Roller Bar/End Plate)$15.00
0311-962521Roll Up Bar$32.00
0311-863311Pivot Point Bushing (plastic)$8.00
0311-860908Pivot Point$24.00
0755-623476Electric Motor$208.00
0311-963303Lower Arm, Steel$54.00
0311-963164Upper Arm w/Bend, Set of Two, Steel$64.00
1440-281666Cross Tube, Steel$26.00
0311-962805End Plate w/Bearing$36.00
0311-963025Aluminum Wind Deflector Kit$98.00
0311-963049Chain Guard$69.00

Under-Mount Spring Components

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
0311-96227710'-17' Spring Kit U/M 1/2" Dia. Spring (both sides)$299.00
0311-96034410'-17' Spring Kit U/M 1/2" Dia.  DS$156.00
0311-96034510'-17' Spring Kit U/M 1/2" Dia.  PS$156.00
0311-96227818'-40' Spring Kit U/M 5/8" Dia. Spring (both sides)


0311-96034618'-40' Spring Kit U/M 5/8" Dia. DS$209.00
0311-96034718'-40' Spring Kit U/M 5/8" Dia. PS$209.00
0715-61956210'-17' Spring U/M 1/2" Dia. DS$64.00
0715-61956410'-17' Spring U/M 1/2" Dia. PS$64.00
0715-61956518'-40' Spring U/M 5/8" Dia. DS$99.00
0715-61956318'-40' Spring U/M 5/8" Dia. PS$99.00
0311-860451Spring Shaft, 1/2" $27.00
0311-860452Spring Shaft, 5/8"$42.00
0311-860461Mouting Bracket$16.00

Aero Easy Cover Model 400 - 500 Series

Aluminum Swing Arm Parts

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
0311-861802Swing Arm, Lower 62"$57.00
0311-861803Swing Arm, Lower 88-5/8"$98.00
0311-861804Swing Arm, Lower 123"$128.00
0311-861805Swing Arm, Lower 150"$159.00
0311-861806Swing Arm, Lower 187"$196.00
0311-861807Swing Arm, Lower 215"$219.00
0311-861908Swing Arm, Lower 240"$239.00
0311-861530Cross Arm, Rear, Aluminum 98"$49.00
0311-861531Cross Arm, Rear, Aluminum 104"$49.00
0311-861532Cross Arm, Rear, Aluminum 110"$49.00
0311-863014Corner Casting 90 Degree Aluminum$28.00
0311-960307Rubber Bumper 4" (alum cross arm)$10.00
0311-861824Swing Arm, Upper w/Bend$93.00
0311-861812Swing Arm, Upper, Straight$79.00
0311-864103End Fitting (for Under Mount Springs)$32.00
0311-860706Cross Arm, Rear, Steel 107.5"$21.00
0311-861151Casting for Steel Cross Tube$17.00
0311-862135Plug End, Steel Cross Tube$5.00
0311-862277Rubber Bumber, Steel Cross Tube$17.00
0715-619601Tarp Centering Spring 4"$7.00
0311-860230Swing Arm Saddle$21.00
0311-862272Swing Arm Saddle Bumper$13.00
0311-980043Gravity Bow Assembly, Up To 18'$179.00

Aero Easy Cover Flip Tarp System mounted on a dump truck.
Tarp Motors, Hand Cranks and Switches
Part NumberDescriptions


0755-623457Tarp Motor 12VDC w/Long Shaft$219.00
0311-961804Crank Assembly #250$352.00
0311-961805Crank Assembly, Reverse #250$378.00
0311-961806Crank Assembly #350$438.00
0311-961807Crank Assembly, Reverse #350455.00
0311-961214Crank Assembly #450$292.00
0311-961356Crank Assembly, Reverse #450$355.00
0311-960739Brake Belt #200/#400$39.00
0311-960301Crank Handle #200/#400$58.00
0755-623531Rotary Switch Kit, 12VDC$98.00
0755-962131Reverse DC Rocker Switch Kit, 12VDC$89.00
0755-623560Reverse DC Contractor (Solenoid), 12VDC$68.00

Aero Tarp System Replacement Parts

Steel Swing Arm Parts
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
0311-861910Swing Arm U/M Steel 10'-13' DS or PS 60"


0311-861911Swing Arm U/M Steel 14'-17' DS or PS 92"$73.00
0311-861912Swing Arm U/M Steel 18-21' DS or PS 103"$88.00
0311-861913Swing Arm U/M Steel 22'-25' DS or PS 138"$103.00
0311-861914Swing Arm U/M Steel 26'-28' DS or PS 160"


0311-860589Connecting Arm DS (upper arm)$69.00
0311-860590Connecting Arm PS (upper arm)$69.00
0311-860591Cross Arm Steel 92"$49.00
0311-860574Cross Arm Steel 104"


0311-860573Cross Arm Steel 110"$64.00
0311-860185Spring Casting (lower arm connector)$24.00
0311-862260Rubber Bumper Steel Arm (for cross arm)$19.00

Flip Tarp Systems Parts

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Truck Tarping Systems and Tarps​​

Power Pack Sidemount Spring Components
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
0311-963233Power Pack, Complete Assembly Both Sides$375.00
0311-960389Power Pack, Complete One Side$190.00
0311-964022Power Pack Castings, One Inner, One Outer$82.00
0311-962085Bushings/Inserts, Set of Two$14.00
0311-860902External Retaining Ring$2.00
0820-680411Washer, Steel 1-1/4"$2.00
0715-619550Double Torsion Spring$19.00