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About LoAlbo Enterprises, Inc.


It all started in 1993...
Shortly after my wife and I moved from Pittsburgh to Virginia Beach, Virginia (in 1992) I began selling, installing and servicing tarping systems manufactured by Merlot Manufacturing (disclosure: my wife's maiden name is Merlot). I solicited local hauling companies and had early success with Merlot's patented Panel Tarp System.  In 1996 I formally started LoAlbo Enterprises and continued to expand the sales of Merlot products.  Soon, the success I was having grabbed the attention of other manufacturers. I was contacted by Donovan Enterprises and Mountain Tarp to determine if LoAlbo Enterprises had an interest in selling their products.  It was a no brainer!  So in 2001, LoAlbo Enterprises became LoAlbo Enterprises, Incorporated.   Soon, we were offering Aero and Pulltarps products as well.  With the mergers of Mountain Tarp and Pioneer (to form Wastequip) and the merger of Donovan and Shur-Co, we were now representing 7 name brand manufacturers!  Along the way, we also picked up distribution of Tarping Systems Inc. products and have reached our current total of 8 manufacturers located all across the US.  We are proud to offer immediate national and international distribution.

On the job!

Dan LoAlbo

In 2016 we are blessed to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of LoAlbo Enterprises, Incorporated.  In those 20 + years, we have serviced the truck tarping needs of hundreds of customers from VA Beach to Kent, WA to Canada and Singapore.  Give us a call for personal, experienced and dedicated service to whatever truck tarp application you may have.

Call Dan LoAlbo directly at 757-615-4379 

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